Like several other online platforms, we use Cookies and other technologies similar to Cookies as we provide you with our services. Please note that by signing up to our services and/or making visits to our website or advertisements, you agree to use technologies such as Cookies, the use of which is explained thoroughly in this policy.

What Do We Mean By Cookies And Similar Technologies?

Cookies are nothing but small units or files of electronic information. They are sent to your computer, mobile phone or any browsing device you are using when you visit a website. These units are extensively used by entities that provide services on online platforms in order to make their websites more efficient and to carry out their services in an improved manner. Cookies are also used by these service providers for the purpose of reporting important and relevant information regarding their customers and/or website visitors.

Cookies tend to store important data that is supposed to be sent on a periodic basis to the main server as and when requested. The expiration of Cookies is different for their different types and the duration for the same is usually decided by the service providers. In certain cases, the users visiting the concerned website can also decide the expiration on Cookies used.

Other technologies similar to Cookies include HTML5 Cookies, Flash Cookies, Local Storage, Session Storage etc. Local storage is the technology that has no limit or expiration of storing data regarding the concerned browser and the data gets erased only when the user's browser cache or local storage is cleared. On other hand, Session storage technology involves storage of browser data that is not transferred to the main server. Here, the stored data lasts only till a single session is in place and gets erased as soon as the user closes their tab and exits the concerned website.

What Are The Types Of Cookies Used?

Generally, there are two types of Cookies, namely First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies. First-party Cookies are the Cookies that are set on the website by their owners, i.e. by the service providers themselves (like us putting up Cookies on the Site as you are browsing). On the other hand, Cookies that are set on the Site by entities other than the website owners or service providers are called Third-party Cookies.

Third-party Cookies are used by entities that usually work in collaboration with the concerned service providers for putting up their functions or services on to the website you are browsing. Majority of Third-party Cookies are used for the purpose of advertising and promotion. Here is a list of some of such third-party entities who may put up their Cookies on our website as you use our services:

  • Our Sub-contractors
  • Our business partners
  • Our suppliers
  • Advertising networks partnering with us
  • Private advertisers collaborating with our platform
  • Search engine providers
  • Analytics providers
  • Payment providers
  • If they are collaborating with us and are using their Cookies, third-party entities would immediately recognize the device you are using to browse once you visit our website or any other websites through our platform. If you want to know more about the third-parties involved with our services and their use of Cookies, please refer to the segments that follow. If you still have questions relating to the same, feel free to send a mail at to us.

    The use we make of First-party and Third-party Cookies are for several different purposes. Some Cookies are important to ensure that the technicalities of our website are in place and it is functioning smoothly. These Cookies are called "strictly necessary" or "essential" Cookies. On the other hand, there are certain Cookies help us and the third-parties collaborating with us in order to keep a track of our visitors and ascertaining their key interest. These Cookies are called "functionality" or "performance" Cookies.

    These functionality Cookies are mainly used by us to customize the content we use according to your interests. We ascertain what you might be interested in and communicate to you mainly through personalized advertisements or giving you certain specific updates and notifications while you are browsing our website. This also ultimately helps us analyze our services and enhance them for better user adoption. Similarly, the third-parties use their Cookies on our website in order to track your activities and communicate with you in order to serve their marketing purposes. In either of the cases, Cookies will be used to provide you with content that is tailor-made exclusively for you.

    We therefore use Cookies for the purpose of identifying you when you visit our websites, keeping your preferences in place and providing you with services that we personalize for your convenience. It is also important to note that the use of Cookies makes your interaction with our services faster, more efficient and more secure. Also note that we might use the terms "Cookies" and "other technologies "interchangeably further in this policy in order to refer collectively to the technologies we use to collect and store your browser information for the purposed discussed earlier in the policy.

    If you need more information regarding how we collect, store and use your personal information, kindly check out our Privacy Policy.

    How Do We Use Cookies?

    Now that you are aware of the types of Cookies used by us (First-party and Third-party Cookies), here are the ways in which these Cookies are used by us for the purposed discussed earlier in the policy.

    Use Of Essential Cookies

    As mentioned earlier, Essential Cookies are the Cookies used by us in order to provide you with the services you ask for in an effective manner as they ensure smooth functionality of the website and deal with its technical aspects. These are the Cookies responsible for an access to secure areas of the website and are therefore to be used with immense precision. Also, these Cookies do not lead to storage of any data on the user's browser. All the data used by these Cookies is stored in the system of the service provider, who is also solely in control of their usage with the technology of Local Storage put into practice.

    Staying true to the nomenclature, as these Essential Cookies are essential for you to receive in order to avail our services, you will not be able to refuse or disable them while browsing. If you choose to do so, you would adversely affect the services you are receiving from our end. However, if you still want to block or disable these Cookies, the procedure for the same is discussed further in this policy.

    Please take a note that our website will not work effectively if you choose to block these Cookies while browsing.

    Use Of Performance And Functionality Cookies

  • Performance and Functionality Cookies are the Cookies used by us as well as the third-parties working in collaboration with us for the primary purpose of tracking your activities on our website as well as the websites pertaining to the third-parties involved. As opposed to the Essential Cookies, these Cookies help us enhance our services but are not essential for the site's functioning.
  • These Cookies that store data using the Local Storage technology can be used for several marketing purposes and can be used by a variety of third-part entities. Some of their uses are mentioned here:
  • Tracking our leads by the number of SMS reminders sent to them
  • Tracking our leads by the number of email reminders sent to them
  • Tracking the leads from reminders sent to them by specific executives
  • Testing Cookies used by the third-parties in order to set their respective permissions (regarding the use of applications)
  • Segregating the users and giving them a distinguished identity by third-party entities
  • For the purpose of working on respective Application Program Interface (api) used by third-party collaborators
  • For facilitating smooth payments by third-party payment providers
  • Analytics And Customisation Cookies

    As the name suggests, these Cookies are used to fetch your browsing data and assess the same for us to make sense of it and serve you better. These Cookies paint a picture for us regarding the manner in which our services are being used by our customers. They also give us certain information that is specific about an individual user's likes and preferences that help us customize our communication with them to give them personalised services.

    Majority of these Cookies on our website are owned by Google owing to their brilliant analytics. Google sets up various Cookies in order to harness information pertaining to user activities which can be later used effectively. It also uses Cookies to distinguish users and show them content specific to their interests. You may have experienced this when you are showed advertisements posted by travel companies once you search for flight tickets on Google. The reason why Google owns majority of Analytics and Customization Cookies is because there are high chances of our customers visiting our sites by conducting a search on Google.

    Advertising Cookies

    As mentioned earlier in the policy, these Cookies track the clicks you make, the pages you visit and ads you respond to. This information is then used to provide you with ads that are in sync with your preferences. These Cookies are also used by us to prevent the same ad appearing repeatedly on your web pages when you are browsing our website or the website of our third-party collaborators.

    Internet Based Advertising Using Cookies

    Cookies are of great use to us as well as our customers when it comes to internet based advertising. We are aware of the fact that no one likes random advertisements to be thrust on their screens selling products and services they would never buy. This would also adversely affect their activities on the website they are visiting.

    Therefore, relevant Cookies and other similar technologies are used to use your browsing data, and in collaboration with the concerned advertisers, come up with tailor-made ads that are in accordance to your interests. These Cookies also help us in placing the ads to you at the right time and with the right frequency.

    However, please note that while you are browsing our website, your browser may end up taking Cookies that are edited and set by our third-party collaborators, which would allow them to show their ads on your browser. Also note that we never indulge into giving information collected from your browser to any advertiser without taking your consent to do so.

    You will always have an option to disable interest-based ads sent to you by us or by the third-party entities working with us, but it would not stop ads from appearing on your browser entirely. By doing so, you are only preventing interest-based ads from showing up and not ads in general. More information regarding this issue can be obtained in the further segments of the policy.

    Can You Control Cookies?

    You have full control over allowing the use of Cookies. You can accept or reject them whenever you are asked by us or by any third-party entity. Majority of the browser have a provision for taking the action of allowing or blocking Cookies in the browser settings. However, blocking or disabling cookies may hinder your optimum use of our services as they will no longer be personalized for you.

    What Steps Should You Follow To Remove Cookies Or Prevent Them From Being Set?

    If you are not willing the Cookies to be set on your browser or want to disable them, you can do so by going to the settings of your concerned browser on the device you are using and change browser settings regarding Cookies. If you continue using our services and browsing our website without disabling cookies on your browser, we would assume that you agree with the use of cookies in accordance with this policy.

    Please note that our website will not work efficiently and you would not be able to avail of all of our services without the use of Cookies.

    To find out more about cookies visit

    “Do Not Track” Signals

    Several browsers are incorporated with the ability to generate and transmit signals which are called "do not track" or DNT signals. These signals prevent the service providers to track user activities on a concerned online platform.

    We would want to inform you that our websites are not yet customized to receive, process or respond to these signals as there are no uniform standards adopted for DNT signals to be received. Though we are not currently built to process these signals, we understand the importance of your privacy and are striving to do our best to keep your personal information secure. To learn more about "DNT", please visit All About Do Not Track:

    Reference Resources

    If you wish to learn more about the way advertisers use cookies to collect and process your browser information, you can check these two links out:

  • Internet Advertising Bureau set in The United States of America
  • Internet Advertising Bureau set in the European Union
  • Here is a list of some of the most popular browsers used across the internet. You can go to their respective pages and gain knowledge about their use of Cookies:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Android Browser
  • Safari (Desktop)
  • Safari (Mobile)
  • Opera
  • Opera (Mobile)
  • Frequency Of Updating Our Cookie Policy

    We would keep updating our Cookie Policy at regular intervals as a means to keep a check on our services. We need to analyze how effectively the Cookies are used and modify the policy following the same. We might also change our policy instead of any regulatory, legal or technological changes. It is always advisable to check our policy after regular intervals and check the date mentioned at the bottom of this policy to ascertain when it was last updated.

    In order to gain more information about the policy or to ask relevant questions, you can ask us a