Our Data Retention Policy is aimed at governing the storage of data we collect and process from you. The retention of every information you provide us since the time of signing up to falls under the purview of this policy and is therefore included in Genius Consultancy Services core Terms of Use.

As the name suggests, the intention of this policy is to safeguard the data you provided us and the data we automatically collected in the form of user records that is retained by Genius Consultancy Services .The policy charts out the role of our personnel as well as other third-party entities collaborating with us when it comes to shoulder the responsibility of retaining and securing your valuable records.

All of your personal data that is collected by us will be used in order to facilitate your identification as a unique customer in an I dentifiable format for not more than the time period for which it is required to be processed. However, there are certain cases where your data may be retained for a longer period of time for archive purposes. Some of these situations are listed here:

  • If there are matters regarding public interest
  • If your data is to be used for a crucial scientific or historical research
  • If your data is to be used for important statistical purposes

  • It is important to note that even in these circumstances, your data will be retained in full compliance with the technical as well as organisational measures listed in the policy.

    Genius Consultancy Services Data Retention Policy also clearly defines the types of personal data to be retained, the time period for it would be retained, the rules and regulations pertaining to the decision taken regarding to the time duration of retained data, and the time when your retained data is to be disposed off.

    Important Terms To Consider

    Here are a few key terms you need to consider while going through our Data Retention Policy:

  • User - "User" here would refer to the customers that avail our Services or anyone who would visit our website and whose data would be collected, stored and processed in our systems.

  • Service Data - This is all the data in its electronic form, be it text or other similar materials that include a user's personal data that they submitted to us while using our Services , which may or may not include their personal information.

  • Personal Data - This is the data using which we can identify any living individual that has been using our Services or visiting our website and whose data is stored into Genius Consultancy Services system's database.
  • What Are The Policy’s Aims And Objectives?

    Following are the two major aims and objectives of our Data Retention Policy:

  • To ascertain suitable limits to the duration for which Service Data or Personal Data is stored in our system

  • Protecting the rights of our users by letting them know that excessive data will not be retained by us and increasing the speed and efficiency with the user data is managed.

  • Scope Of The Policy

  • Genius Consultancy Services Data Retention Policy applies to all forms of data shared by the users with us as well as the data we automatically collected from the users for the purpose of processing the same and providing them with the Services they asked for.

  • This policy holds true for all the devices and platforms used for the collection of data, including laptops, desktops, mobile phones, web servers and physical platforms including hard copies of forms, visitor logs, visiting cards collected and more such platforms. The policy also includes all the information collected through virtual platforms such as cloud servers that fall under control
  • What Do Our Records Comprise Of?

    In simple terms, the records this policy talks about is nothing but any information you provide us through our website or by giving it to us physically. You have a choice of not disclosing every information we ask from you , but then that would mean you will not be entitled to use all of our Services to their optimum level. The manner in which we use your information is duly explained in our Privacy Policy.

    The records mentioned in this policy may be pertaining to an individual several such individual. Also, the records can be electronic or physically obtained data on a piece of paper. These records may be stored in our systems and software, in our machines used locally or in a hard-bound file consisting of physical records printed on paper.

    Retention Of Your Data

    Please note that we will not retain any data provided by or collected from you for duration longer than what is required, unless we are forced to do so by law.

    Varied personal data is collected by us for varied purposes and the same is stored with us for varied periods of time. The retention of all collected data is reviewed from time to time to ensure authenticity and to rule out any error.

    Genius Consultancy Services team takes into consideration the following parameters when it comes to ascertaining and/or reviewing the time period for which your data is retained:

  • The requirements and objectives pertaining to our organisation
  • The kind of personal data that is being retained
  • The purpose for which the concerned data is collected, stored and processed by our team

  • If a situation arises wherein the exact time period for which certain data is to be retained is not getting finalised, separate criteria regarding the same will be incorporated. This separate criteria will make sure that the concerned data and its retention is reviewed on a periodic basis, in lieu of the criteria. There may also arise a situation when certain data is disposed off or deleted before its retention period is exhausted. In such a situation, the company will take a call regarding the suitable course of action to be taken, be it in response to a user's suggestion or by coming up with a unique solution by consulting relevant personnel.

    Please note that the duration of retention of documents which are not explicitly listed elsewhere in the policy is deemed to be twelve months from the date on which the concerned document was generated, unless there is a mandate that suggests otherwise within the purview of law.

    Storing And Transferring Your Data

    The data you provide us and the data we collect from you is stored securely in Genius Consultancy Services servers as well as the servers owned by the third-party entities collaborating with us. Though we have our servers only within the boundaries of India, your data might be stored and/or transferred outside the country as the organisations hired by us to help us in Services might be functioning from any country in the world.

    It is also important for you to note that any information transferred using the internet is never 100% secure. Though we try our best to keep all your information secure, we cannot give you utmost surety to prevent your data from unauthorised access. Therefore, any data transmission you indulge into, especially over internet, will ultimately be at your own risk. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that we use strict procedures to safeguard your data and would do all that can possibly done in case there is a data breach regarding your information.

    How Secure Is Your Information?

    Our team is aware about how important your personal information is therefore make sure that the transfer of such sensitive data is carried out efficiently using a communication channel that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Also, all of your data is secured using digital signatures.

    Also, our website is in compliance with the vulnerability standards of Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) that creates an environment for you that is as secure as possible. Our team will provide all sorts of protection to your data, be it administrative, physical or technical.

    While we strive to secure your data by using the best of practices, it is also your responsibility to do all you can within your realm to secure your data. Make sure you successfully log out off your account after finishing your work on a shared device. Also, make sure the passwords for your account with us as well as the passwords of your browsing devices are complicated in order to avoid unauthorised access of your information.

    Disposing Your Data

    Once the time period for which your data was retained with us gets exhausted, your data would be destroyed, deleted or disposed off in a suitable manner unless the law asks us to act otherwise.

    Who Is Responsible Regarding Your Data Retention?

    Supervision of the practise of your data retention and monitoring the optimum implementation of our Data Retention Policy is conducted by Genius Consultancy Services grievance officer. He is also responsible for other policies the company follows regarding data management in accordance with the Information Technology Act 2008 (Amended) and any other relevant legislation that deals with protecting your data.

    If you have any questions pertaining to our Data Retention Policy or any other issue that falls under IT Act 2008, grievance officer is the one you should approach for fruitful assistance.

    In case of certain special circumstances, here are exemptions for extending the period for which user data is retained in accordance to this policy:

  • If there are any active investigations going on relating to significant authorities falling under Indian law and the data retention is deemed mandatory

  • If your data is required by our company in order to prove our compliance pertaining to the law

  • If our company is needed to exercise certain legal rights in matters that involve the court of law

  • In case you still have any confusions, questions or complaints regarding our Data Retention Policy, you can feel free to contact our grievance officer by shooting him a mail.

    Implementation of Policy

    Totelec India Pvt. Ltd. expects that its Users read and understand this policy and in case you are unable to understand anything, you are required to contact the grievance officer of this Policy in Totelec India Pvt. Ltd. i. e. Mr. A B Mohite available at

    This Policy has been approved and authorised by the Partners of Totelec India Pvt. Ltd.

    Data Type Review Period Retention Period Purpose of Data Retention
    Name Quarterly or as soon as business allows For no longer than 12 months after last contact.
  • To respond to queries or requests submitted by the user.
  • To administer or otherwise perform the company’s obligations in relation to any agreement with the user.
  • Postal Address Quarterly or as soon as business allows For no longer than 12 months after last contact.
  • To anticipate and resolve problems with any products or Services supplied to the user.
  • Email and other electronic addresses Quarterly or as soon as business allows For no longer than 12 months after last contact.
  • To provide the user with the information, products and Services requested.
  • Telephone Numbers including landline numbers Quarterly or as soon as business allows For no longer than 12 months after last contact.
  • To provide the user with information Services we offer that are similar to those already purchased or enquired about.
  • Email Correspondence Quarterly or as soon as business allows For no longer than 12 months after last contact.
  • To Notify the user about changes to our Services