Genius Consultancy Services is highly appreciative of our customers who bestow their unshaken trust upon us and our services. It is therefore our responsibility to make sure that your personal information or any other relevant data is highly secure with us.

We constantly strive to provide you with the best data security possible, the details of which are mentioned in our Data Security Policy.

Protection Of Payment Details

Majority of breaches in the realm of data security arise in the area of payments, especially if they are made using online platforms. Genius Consultancy Services is aware about the same and would want you to note that we work in full compliance with the standards of Payment Data Security and carefully choose our third-party payment providers.

According to these standards, we make sure that all the information you enter while making an online transaction with us, be it your name, bank account number and credit/debit card details, is kept absolutely secure by us and is not disclosed to any entity whatsoever. However, it is advisable to take a picture, screenshot or print of your e-receipt once a transaction is completed in order to deal with any unforeseen issues arising in the future.

Access To Our Technology

The access to our technology resources is enabled and carried out strictly using highly secure connectivity, such as Https. Such access also demands suitable authentication of the user, which is further protected by our password policy that makes it mandatory for every password to be of high complexity. The passwords also have an expiry date and the systems are equipped with features such as lock-out and prevention of password reuse. We operate under least privilege rules and access of any system to our employees is highly scrutinised. Our system also involves several valid permissions to be taken and the access of certain technologies to our employees is revokes as soon as the concerned task is completed.

Reviewing Security Policies

We conduct thorough reviews and analysis of our security policies at least once in a year. Our team of employees is trained sufficiently to handle your valuable information in the best way possible and are duty-bound to perform their activities in accordance with our security policy on an annual basis. Along with paying attention to the information you provide us, we pay equal attention in training our personnel for specific job purposes, ultimately allowing us to serve you better.

Physical Security

Apart from the virtual data security we provide to you on our online platforms, our headquarters also ensure fool-proof physical security of our premises. Our data centre is fully equipped with enhanced visitor logs, trained security personnel and high-tech camera surveillance, so that our asset as well as your information is in safe hands.

Employee Screening

We take special care while hiring our employees. Adhering to the laws and regulations applicable in the country, we conduct a thorough background check on the personnel we hire to work for our organisation. Also, we inform every single employee working in every single department of our organisation about the data security policy as we believe security is not a single department's responsibility. Apart from this, we make the new personnel joining in sign iron clad non-disclosure agreements and take part in security training on a mandatory basis.

Assessing System Vulnerability

We understand the dire importance making sure that all our software, systems, servers and network equipment not prone to penetration and are not vulnerable to threats and/or unauthorised access. We get involved with third-party entities that are trustworthy in order to perform periodic scans and assessments of these systems, including penetration tests (internal and external), making sure there is no possibility of any breach in any situation.

Data Encryption

All the data collected, processed and transmitted is done so using highly reliable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This makes your personal information illegible to a potential infiltrator.

Managing Our Assets

We manage all our valuable assets under the supervision of our Information Security Officer, who is in full charge of us identifying, assessing, classifying, retaining and disposing our assets. All of these activities are recorded using electronic records, duly maintained by the Information Security Officer. The officer is also responsible for revising these activities regarding asset management. All the devices issues by the company are regularly scanned for viruses and are equipped with hard disk encryption that ensures considerable safety of the data we store. We also eliminate the possibility of infiltration by allowing only the devices issued by the company to enter the office premises.

Coding Our Products Right

We hire a highly efficient development team that indulges into secure coding and programming of any digital asset we own and use for your service. We also conduct wholesome training programs for our developers when they are hired as well as at least once every six months.

Incident Response Management

We have an efficient and all-encompassing incident response management policy in place that takes care of all the procedures ranging from the initial response and investigation into the matter to communicating the same to public and offering suitable remedies for the same. In order to ensure efficiency, this policy is regularly reviewed and tested once every two years.

Notifying Users Of A Breach

Though we can try our level best to ensure the security of your data, there is no way anyone can guarantee 100% security of your data when the services provided and information collected are dealing with online platforms.

However, in case there ever is a breach in the security, we would notify you as soon as possible and immediately start with the preventive measures. We guarantee to provide all the relevant information to our customers, keeping them updated at every stage of making amends.

Ensuring Business Continuity

We conduct regular back-ups of the database used by our team and the same is verified on a regular basis. These back-ups are stores in the company's systems and devices with secured encryption, so that the continuity and authenticity of your data is not disturbed.

Your Responsibility As A Customer

Along with us making sure your data is secure with us, you should also be aware of certain responsibilities to shoulder as a customer. Make sure you have a complicated password to your devices as well as the account you create with us. Take extra care when it comes to sharing a device as it is prone to infiltration the most.

Logging And Monitoring Of Information

We have a log repository that is managed centrally where our systems log all the information into for the purpose of troubleshooting the same. Also, authentic security reviews and analysis by our personnel is logged into the same repository. If there is any security incident that affects the smooth functioning of your account, our executives will guide you through it and help you resolve the issue.

If you have any queries, complaints or confusion regarding our Data Security Policy or the security of your data in general, you can reach out to our Information Security Officer at